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Marching Band


The Marching Patriots are the most visible ensemble of our organization. Whether they are performing at Pep Rallies, Football Games, and Parades our marching band is the proud ambassador of the Crystal Coast and West Carteret High School. This performance ensemble provides a “society” and “family” to which all band students can belong. It is a place where they learn values and standards, where they can learn to depend on one another in their pursuit of excellence. They frequently acquire a stronger base for their adult life than any other avenue open to them.

Concert and Symphonic Bands


Students are placed into either Concert or Symphonic Band. These two bands meet during the school day, throughout the spring semester. These ensembles call upon the most complex musical training. We are devoted to providing concepts that allow our students to become artists and in turn become responsible for their own learning and artistic discovery

Jazz Bands and Pit Orchestra


There are two Jazz Bands at WCHS. These groups rehearse voluntarily during the 2nd semester, before or after school – depending on the ensemble. Students involved with the jazz band perform at both school concerts and often throughout the community at civic events.
The Pit Orchestra is a small group of students who perform with the production of musical theater, either through WCHS or Carteret Community Theater. These performances vary from year to year. Information will be provided if a Pit Orchestra is convened in the year.

Color/Winter Guard


The Color Guard, or “Auxilliary”, combine dance, artistry, and performance – with the manipulation of flags, sabers, and rifles. Color Guard is one of the most popular activities for girls in the high school curriculum. This outstanding performing group is an intricate part of the fall season Marching Band program. In the winter and spring seasons, students perform in a number of official Winter Guard appearances and dance recitals. The Winter Guard often travels to venues across the state and region in pageantry theater competitions incorporating a wide range of visual performance arts and choreography.

Percussion Ensemble


The members of this ensemble have the opportunity to explore numerous percussive instruments and various styles, techniques and performance venues. Students who make up the Percussion Ensemble are a vital element of the Percussion Ensembles, Marching Band, Concert Band and Indoor Percussion programs.


Students in the Percussion Ensemble study under the direction of dedicated percussion instructors. The West Carteret program is privileged to have a variety of traditional and nontraditional percussion and mallet instruments on which the students learn and perform. From marimbas to timpani, to vibraphones and marching drums this ensemble enables our percussionists to become well-rounded musicians through a wide variety of performance venues.

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